Profiles In Marijuana Reform: Milton Friedman (MPP-TV)

This is the first is a two-part interview with Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman. The second part is available exclusively at Enjoy!
Profiles In Marijuana Reform: Milton Friedman (MPP-TV)


10 thoughts on “Profiles In Marijuana Reform: Milton Friedman (MPP-TV)

  1. @orlean2000 public drunkedness is a crime as well as underage drinking—> the governement still restricts both gun use and alcohol use beyond our rights—i want better rights then them for Pot

  2. funny how Friedman has a Nobel prize and is FOR the legalization of drugs yet the people who are against it have no such credibility

  3. Sure, it is good but bad for morale/ethics and in the eyes of the planner, it mean low productivity and high debt, which will eventually increase demand for a whole lot of free lunch.

    California is heading in this direction if not already as I have observed the effect in Portland, Oregon.  Of course, the addicts died and new healthy people moved in and screw all the data up but drugs is not good, generally. But who can control an individual will?

  4. The damn gov’t should follow the constitution…not bastardize it. Under the constitution drugs should be legal. And income taxes should be illegal. Read the constitution. Specifically Article One, Section Eight. It says exactly what the gov’t can do…everything else it can’t. Our founding fathers would be ashamed at America’s behavior and the propaganda it uses to control the sheeple it creates.

  5. because the marijuana would cause you to go mad and sexually assault white women and THAT sir is a crime.

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