Police: WSU’s Klay Thompson Arrested On Marijuana Charges

Pullman police confirm Washington State University basketball player Klay Thompson was arrested hours after Thursday night’s game on marijuana possession charges KXLY4 Sports Director Derek Deis and McKay Allen report.
Police: WSU’s Klay Thompson Arrested On Marijuana Charges


23 thoughts on “Police: WSU’s Klay Thompson Arrested On Marijuana Charges

  1. Are you kidding me? In one our the most liberal states? for under $20 worth!!! It’s interesting that there is no moral justification for the arrest, it is simply stated that if your an athlete in pullman you need to stay away from it because your in the spot light. I can’t wait for this bullshit prohibition to end so we can see past peoples PERSONAL lives, and recognize them for their accomplishments.

  2. What a joke! All the players should refuse to play. Enough is enough. His dad sounds like a real winner.

  3. Marijuana isn’t illegal because it’s harmful. It’s illegal because this crooked government doesn’t know how to tax it.

  4. As an elite athlete, shouldn’t smoking be something you avoid tho? Even if it’s cigarettes or anything else, I didn’t think smoking was amenable to running up and down the court for hours.

    Lol@ his dad, you can tell he’s a West Indian parent FOR REAL.

  5. “mr. thompson denied any knowledge of marijuana from the car ” klay keepin it G , no snitchin. but why cops act like weed is a gateway drug Lol , look at him now , a nba champion , and a superstar.

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