[REGGAE-FRENCHCORE] D-Chronic – French Marijuana

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[REGGAE-FRENCHCORE] D-Chronic – French Marijuana

D-Chronic – French Marijuana” upload_time=”2014-11-30T13:07:45.000Z” description=”210BPM!!! Here’s my new Reggae-Frenchcore track, FREE TO DOWNLOAD FROM MY SOUNDCLOUD IN HQ! Please follow me on SoundCloud : Www.SoundCloud.com/D-Chronic AND”]

Ask A Porn Star: “Does Marijuana Make Sex Better?”

On this episode of Ask A Porn Star we asked Porn Stars if smoking marijuana makes sex better. Featuring Amber Ivy, Cadence Lux, Harley Jade, Dixie Comet, Katie Morgan, April O’Neil, Marley Brinx, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Tommy Pistol, Trillium, Star Nine, Nickey Huntsman, Leya Falcon, Kenzie Taylor, Stevie Foxx, Michael Vegas, Aiden Starr, Ryan McLane, Kassondra Raine, Jenna J Ross, Lauren Phillips, August Ames, Cindy Starfall, Kasey Warner, Missy Martinez, Maxine X, Sophia Grace.

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Ask A Porn Star: “Does Marijuana Make Sex Better?”


Brujeria – Marijuana

Track 1 off the 1997 EP “Marijuana” (Label: Koolarrow Records)

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Koolarrow Records:

Hay un una vieja que es muy bonita
en mexico la llaman mariajuanita
la vida loca necesita hierbita
Heeeeeeeee marijuana hai![2x]

Dale a tu cuerpo lo que necesita compra una bolsa ahi en la esquinita
Pinchis gre√Īudos fuman motita
Heeeeeeeeeee marijuana hai!

Marijuana tiene un hermanito
Los cerdos usan polvito
Al rato te pones drogadito
Y te agarran con un kilo

Dale a tu cuerpo lo que necesitas andando marijuano es cosa Buena
Dale a tu cuerpo lo que necesitas
Heeeeeeeee marijuana hai![2x]

Marijuana marijuana brujeria si te cansas de esta hierbita
Marijuana marijuana cocaina
Chingate un cranka de la fina

Andas crudo buscas remedio
Gasta la lana compra bolsa y medio
Saca un chingo o haste un le√Īo
Heeeeeee marijuana hai![2x]

Marijuana marijuana brujeria si te cansas de esta hierbita
Marijuana marijuana cocaina
Chingate un cranka de la fina

Marijuana tiene un hermanito
Los cerdos usan polvito
Al rato te pones drogadito
Y te agarran con un kilo

Marijuana brujeria marijuana
brujeria tiene marijuana
marijuana me cojo tu hermana
heeeeeeeeeeee marijuana hai!
Brujeria – Marijuana


High Times Marijuana Growing

Ready Set Grow – High Times Marijuana Growing.

High Times Marijuana Growing


(Weed) Marijuana Legal In India | Sorry For The Interruption | Comedyone

As a people, Indians tend to behave pretty high all the time, over reacting to the tiniest of things which apparently hurt sentiments of many because we love to laugh at but hate getting laughed at. But what if Marijuana was legalized here, how funny would that be? Enjoy!

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(Weed) Marijuana Legal In India | Sorry For The Interruption | Comedyone


President Obama Answers Question on Legalizing Marijuana!

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President Obama Answers Question on Legalizing Marijuana!


Stunning: Parkinson’s Sufferer Takes Medical Marijuana For First Time!

Medical marijuana gives instant relief of the effects of Parkinsons Disease.

Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

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Stunning: Parkinson’s Sufferer Takes Medical Marijuana For First Time!


Weed: 12 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Look at some interesting facts about the world’s most beloved plant (Weed, Marijuana, Pot).

Marijuana, also known as weed or pot, refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, which contains the psychoactive and mind-altering chemical, delta-9-tetra-hydro-cannabinol, or THC, as well as other related compounds. Let’s take a fun look at some interesting facts about the world’s most beloved plant.

Researchers find that 42% of people surveyed in the U.S. have tried marijuana at least once. In contrast, only 20% of people surveyed in the Netherlands, where weed has been legal for 38 years, reported having tried pot; in Asian countries, such as Japan and China, marijuana use is virtually “non-existent,” the study finds.

Out of the estimated 22 million pounds of marijuana grown each year in the United States, nearly 80% comes from California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii and Washington.
An estimated one-third of America’s weed is grown indoors. An indoor grow module accommodating 4 plants sucks as much electricity as 29 refrigerators. In California, indoor marijuana grow modules account for about 9 percent of household electricity use.

In Colorado, where the recreational use of marijuana was recently legalized, only 9% of residents are regular pot smokers. Denver has surpassed Amsterdam as the capital of the marijuana world. The city has more than 300 stores, called dispensaries, outnumbering pharmacies, liquor stores, public schools and even Starbucks. In Colorado, recreational pot has a hard time competing with medical marijuana, which has been legal since 2000 and whose tax rate is 78% lower. Estimated pot sales are 55 tons of medical pot and 18.4 tons of recreational pot. The use among teens has not increased with the legalization of recreational weed.
Legalizing marijuana federally would generate .7 billion in federal and state tax revenue per year.

California was the first U.S. State that banned marijuana a century ago.
In the U.S., a sentence of life in prison without parole was given for trying to sell of marijuana to an undercover officer. Over 800,000 people are arrested for marijuana in the US each year.

Support for weed legalization is rapidly outpacing opposition. A slim majority (52%) of Americans say the drug should be made legal, compared with 45% who want it to be illegal. Opinions have changed drastically since 1969, when Gallup first asked the question and found that just 12% favored legalizing marijuana use.

Weed is legal and is not even classified as a drug in North Korea.
Smoking up could be a very different experience for men and women, according to a 2014 study in the journal, Drug and Alcohol Dependence. In research on rats, it was discovered that females were more sensitive to cannabis’ painkilling qualities, but they were also more likely to develop a tolerance for the drug, which could contribute to negative side effects and dependence on marijuana.

Study after study finds that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. The beer and alcohol industries are two of the biggest anti-marijuana advocates. Obviously, marijuana is a serious threat to alcohol sales. Due to its safer nature, marijuana is often suggested as an alternative to alcohol.

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How Much Marijuana Does It Take For Someone To Overdose?

$573 million in pot sales: Here are 12 stats that define the year in marijuana


Weed: 12 Interesting Facts You Should Know


Vlog : Marijuana (My HONEST Thoughts & HONEST Experiences)

You asked for it, I dont expect to have to talk much about it after this video…If you dont have the time to watch here is the short version…I think natural grown pot is fine for adults to use as they wish, I feel its also beneficial for medical use….I do NOT think anyone under 18 should mess around with it at all for any reason…
Vlog : Marijuana (My HONEST Thoughts & HONEST Experiences)