24 thoughts on “marijuana- brian robbins

  1. Never smoked, probably never will, but this song is hilarious. Listen, it shouldn’t be my business (or our government’s, honestly) to control whether or not you smoke weed. By the way, Phish is awesome, whether you’re high or not.

  2. @nobledb1023 should it be the government’s business as well to force you to exercise and prohibit fastfood like McDonald’s or KFC? Should they ban all unhealthy things? Should the ban people from not sleeping early? #wth

  3. Thanks for the info. I’ve seen them a few times but havn’t heard that one. I tried Googling it but to no avail. If u could post a link, I’d appreciate it.

    P.S – What’d u do to have ur comment appear as a normal post and have it say “In reply to …” at the end of ur comment as opposed to the “@ … ” which normally appears at the beginning?

  4. You can thank the lumber industry for it being illegal. Theyd rather cuy down our.supply of oxygen!! Then plant hemp which can benefit us with all the needs a tree would. Ie paper clothes.rope etc….

  5. someone at some point uploaded this under the name Phish.. I downloaded it.. coz I like Phish.. I have propagated that misinformation.  People sorta think this is Phish because one guy thought maybe it might be???

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