How To Safely Make Cannabis Wax At Home (Rosin With T-REX Press) Cannabasics #53

Today we Learn How To safely Make wax at Home. Fresh, home-made Rosin Wax without blowing yourself up with the Tarik T-REX Rosin Press. Save 10% at WizardPuff with the code: CANNABASICS T-REX Rosin Press:
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How To Safely Make Cannabis Wax At Home (Rosin With T-REX Press) Cannabasics #53


32 thoughts on “How To Safely Make Cannabis Wax At Home (Rosin With T-REX Press) Cannabasics #53

  1. Hey Matt, long time fan. just wanted to say, like always. wicked video, I find your aesthetic very soothing as well as informative! keep it up man.

  2. Curious… If you squeeze everything out of your budz, can they be stored lngwr because you’ve taken out all the oils???

  3. This is just the same concept of the hair straightener but more expensive. I’ve got better yields than that with a hair straighter and a quick grip clamp.

  4. noooooooooo!!!! puede ser que cada ves que veo los vídeos de este canal se me hace agua a la boca y este tipo tiene marihuana como si le lloviera del cielo!!!!!!! hijo de puta que suerte la Tulla. invitame para hacer un vídeo con tigo

  5. have us3d same proccess,samemacjine and got no results at all any advice? also no luck with hair straighteners…

  6. Thanks for doing these videos RUFFHOUSE! I don’t think many people understand the cost of research and development. Not everyone has the funds to buy the rosin press, then play with ‘X’ amount of material, which can be costly if you screw up. Even for the intermediate dabber, gives them a starting point then one can see what works best with the material they are using. Which is another important thing to mention, all extracts from dry/ fresh herb is going to derived at different temperatures. Not every flower is the same or has the same trichome content. Like said Doe, great vids! Keep em coming!

  7. is it in any way economical to smoke homemade dabs ? I’m normally a bong smoker and I feel like it is the best choice if you don’t want spend to much money and get really high but maybe I’m wrong

  8. All that work for a .2 of wax smh just smoke the nugs and run the sugar leaf trim for wax, don’t waste the buds

  9. Could a cheap way of doing this be buying a panini press? I’m not saying it would be better, but before i buy this I’d just like to try to see if I could save money

  10. Nice video very informational, but Can you still smoke the bud after pressing it ? Thanks for your time !

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