Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time

We found three grandmas who had never smoked pot and gave them an opportunity to try it for the first time. Then we gave them snacks and had them play cards against humanity.

Here’s a link to the condensed version:

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Eric Soma – Audio
Mike Gaston – Director
Brian Liepe – DP
Blaine Ludy – Producer/Weed Expert
Jason Hakala – Producer/Camera Operator

Malt Liquor – JenRo
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Definitely check out the extended cut:
Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time


7 thoughts on “Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time

  1. I guess it’s okay to smoke weed but they’re old they’re lungs aren’t as strong it’s not good for them like when your a teenager it’s okay but like still

  2. “I didn’t know you could use… all your hands…”
    “No you can’t.”
    “Oh you can’t?!”

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