Donald Trump is coming for your legal weed


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“White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested Thursday the federal government could crack down on recreational marijuana use across the country, even in states that have legalized the drug.

Spicer’s comments during the daily White House press briefing came in response to a question from a local Arkansas reporter, who asked whether President Donald Trump was OK with Arkansas’ medical marijuana law, rules for which were recently approved by the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission.

Spicer said Trump approves of medical marijuana use — which could help provide relief to the chronically ill — as opposed to recreational use, which Spicer suggested was tied to the opioid crisis many states are currently facing.”

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Donald Trump is coming for your legal weed


9 thoughts on “Donald Trump is coming for your legal weed

  1. at first i wasn’t worried, and then i watched some jeff sessions interviews and realized this could all go downhill fast with that guy. he is super serious in some interviews, like damn. the whole ‘good people don’t smoke marijuana’ comment was news to me recently.

  2. As it is right now, I am a Trump supporter, but trust me, if he reverses all the progress we made in weed legalization that will change and he will lose any and all of my support. I am living proof against all arguments against weed. It is not addictive, I’ve quit several times for months at a time for jobs, no problem. It is not a gateway drug, I’ve been smoking weed for almost a decade and never even wanted any other drug, marijuana doesn’t ruin your work ethic, I am a hard and efficient worker. Don’t do this Trump or I’ll have to join the legions of protesters against you!

  3. Also it is utter STUPIDITY to once again crack down on marijuana, and only a bumbling fool who has NO BUSINESS being in the Whitehouse would do such a thing. Simply because, think of the massive fortune in tax money our state governments would NOT get because a booming industry once again goes underground. The marijuana industry will not be stopping, but it may become once again untaxed and unregulated

  4. If the start locking more people up in private prisons due to weed I will be very disappointed in myself that I looked up to him to lead this world into a better place.

    This will be beyond shitty of him if this happens, increasing the prison population in a country over weed offences if as backwards as it can get.

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