(Democratic Debate) Hillary Clinton Discusses Marijuana Legalization

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton opens up on marijuana legalization during the Democratic debate on CNN.
(Democratic Debate) Hillary Clinton Discusses Marijuana Legalization


21 thoughts on “(Democratic Debate) Hillary Clinton Discusses Marijuana Legalization

  1. OMG she is so contradictory.. if you dont want to have a stance on the thing why do you sya its bad when agencies are upholding what the law is? Weed is illegal at a federal level so whatever the fuck you say, be it medical or recreational its not going to mean jack shit if you dont stand and decriminalize it.. its just such a stupid dodge move..

  2. Legalize cannabis at least for atheists and agnostics. The rest of the people are already under the influence of “the opium of the masses”.

  3. No matter which way the election goes pot is getting more free. That is something. I’m for Sanders or Gary Johnson

  4. This is exactly the kind of statement that she made back in 2008 when she said she would “leave homosexual marriage to the states” and back in 2003 when she said she was against setting legislations for homosexual marriage in NY or in 1996 when she anticonstitutionally supported the defense of marriage act. There are some people who tell the truth and others who tell stuff that can get them elected.

  5. Okay…I’m gonna vent something out on here openly that I’ve been wanting to vent out for OVER A YEAR!!! STILL NEED MORE REASEARCH???????? Really????? YOU’VE BEEN STUDYING IT SINCE THE 90s!!!!! This is nothing but a fuckin excuse at this point. Just fuckin LEGALIZE IT!! Forget about the typical potheads that are gonna be happy about this, think more importantly about the people that NEED this!!! People with Epilepsy that have seizures on a consistant basis, people that have even worse epilepsy than that (like Dravates) The “high” people get from marijuana is what calms their brain down and PREVENTS seizures from happening. Seizures are caused by an electrical discharge in the brain due to “hyperactivity” in the brain. The “high” you get from marijuana calms your brain down, thus, prevents seizures from happening…and don’t you DARE tell me that medication prevents this….it doesn’t always prevent it, and people KNOW it! Marijuana will! Rant over

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