Climate Change Drives Cannabis Indoors

This is not a discussion of climate change, it’s a discussion of the impact of weather on the agriculture industry. The question for the cannabis & hemp industry, and basically the entire specialty crop industry, is what will be the impact? According to the U.S. National Climate Assessment, “Climate disruptions to agriculture have been increasing and are projected to become more severe over this century.” I’m sure that’s not much of a shock to anyone who owns a farm, orchard or greenhouse.

Every national newspaper for the past two weeks has published at least one article a day about the flooding in the Midwest, while industry newsletters and blogs have contained more in-depth stories. The question is, what can agriculture professionals do to mitigate these problems?

Relying on state and national legislators, especially heading into a presidential election year is likely to be frustrating and unrewarding. Governments are excellent at reacting to disasters and not so good at preventing them. In short, if we depend on government to take the lead it’s going to be a long wait.Instead, many farmers are looking at the future costs of outdoor farming and concluding that it’s simply cheaper, more efficient and manageable to farm indoors.

Instead, many farmers are looking at the future costs of outdoor farming and concluding that it’s simply cheaper, more efficient and manageable to farm indoors. Gone are the days when people grew hemp and cannabis indoors in an effort to hide from the police. Pineapple Express was a funny movie but not realistic in today’s environment.

Today’s hemp and cannabis growers are every bit as tech savvy as any other consumer-oriented business and one could argue that given the age of their customers (Statista puts usage by 18-49-year-olds at 40%), distributors must be even more tech savvy to compete effectively. Some estimates put the current split of cultivation at about one-third indoors/two-thirds outdoors. To date, the indoor focus has been on efficiency, quality and basically waiting for regulators to allow shipping across state lines.

A major driver in the indoors/outdoors equation is that as the weather becomes more unfriendly and unpredictable, VC’s are factoring climate disruption into their financial projections. When corn prices drop because of export tariffs, politicians lift the ban on using Ethanol during the summer months. It’s going to be a while before we see vehicles running on a combination of gasoline and CBD.

Leaving aside the case that can be made for efficiency, quality control and tracking of crops, climate change alone is going to force many growers to reassess whether they want to move indoors. And, it’s certainly going to weigh heavily in the plans of growers who are about to launch a cannabis or hemp business. Recently, one investment banker put it to me this way: greenhouses are the ultimate hedge against the weather.

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The Winners of the 2019 Michigan Cannabis Cup

This past weekend at the Cannabis Cup was a blast! As always, we were excited to meet both veterans of the cannabis space and those who are fresh-faced and new. Everyone who entered the competition brought their best products and their A-Game. Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2019 Michigan Cannabis Cup:

Best Indica Flower


1st Place: Mrs. Berry Kush – Triple OG
2nd Place: Exotic Genetix – falcon 9
3rd Place: Mrs. Berry Kush – Critical Kush

Best Sativa Flower


1st Place: COCO Extracts – Tropicana Cookies
2nd Place: Kalamazoovines – White Lavender
3rd Place: Norse Pharms – Terpee Slurpee

Best Hybrid Flower


1st Place: Exotic Genetix – Rainbow Chip
2nd Place: Pure Diem x Firehouse Farms – Sunset Sherbert
3rd Place: Special Blend Gardens – Melonade No.7

Best Preroll


1st Place: Ript Genetics x Swish Dipz- Stank Breath pre roll
2nd Place: T.otally H.erbal C.are x MiterpfarmZ – Orange Zkittlez
3rd Place: Special Blend Gardens Rolled Up – OG Purple

Best Infused Product


1st Place: Grateful Meds – 5 Layer Caviar Moonrock
2nd Place: Northern Connections – Liquid Loud Blue Razz
3rd Place: RR Luxury In A Puff – Luxury Pre-Rolled Cone

Best Edible


1st Place: Zilla’s Performance Products – Strawberry Shorties
2nd Place: PB Cup Cheesecake – Afternoon Delite
3rd Place: Mitten Moms – Moms Banana Pudding

Best Vape Pen


1st Place: Church Cannabis CO – Gods GIft Key Fob
2nd Place: Lemon Berry – Afternoon Delight
3rd Place: Shattered Thoughts – Purple Punch V Slim Pod

Best Indica Concentrate


1st Place: CoCO Extracts – Green Fire OG
2nd Place: Grateful Meds – Forbidden Fruit htfse/hcfse live sauce
3rd Place: Jedi Kush by Michigan Extracts

Best Sativa Concentrate


1st Place: Ghostbudsters Farm – Super Lemon Haze Live Resin
2nd Place: COCO Extracts – Tropic Berry OG Cake Batter
3rd Place: Pure Clouds- Bahama Mama THCA

Best Hybrid Concentrate


1st Place: Legendary Gardenz x CoCo Extracts – Orange Cookie Badder
2nd Place: High Level Heath Michigan – Blue Skunk Live Butter
3rd Place: ArborSide Compassion x Fregrowli – Cherry Lime Haze

Best CBD Concentrate


1st Place: Rogues Island Genetics X Something Bitter Concentrates Apple Pharm Live Resin
2nd Place: Lightsky Farm – cosmic jumper cables
3rd Place: Lightsky farms – Scandinavian Moose Lodge

Best Nonsolvent Concentrate


1st Place: Ghostbudsters Farm x Covert Extracts – Mother’s Milk Live Rosin THCA with Terp Sauce
2nd Place: Wojo Wax – Cream D’mint Live rosin
3rd Place: Special Blend Rolled Up x Special Blend Gardens – Melonade No.7

Best CBD Vape Pen


1st Place: Lightsky Farms – Moose Cookie
2nd Place: Lightsky Farms – Cosmic jumper Cables
3rd Place: Mary’s Medicinals – Distillate 3:1 Cbd: THc Pax Era Pod

Best CBD Edible


1st Place: Great Lakes Extracts – Milk Chocolate Bar
2nd Place: Captain Kirk’s X Grumpy Beaar Farms X Pure West – Solar Soup
3rd Place: Smoking Lamp Extracts x Smoking Lamp Meds – CBD Strawberry Jam

Best Topical


1st Place: Zilla’s Performance Products – Highly Effective Extra Strength Organic Healing Skin Treatment
2nd Place: Ella Essentials – Ella Essentials Cannabis Body Butter
3rd Place: Urban Roots X CoCo Extracts – Freeze Cannabis Lotion

Best CBD Flower


1st Place: Kyle Gardner x First Class Gardens – Cannatonic #4
2nd Place: Rogue’s Island Genetics – Apple Pharm
3rd Place: Lightsky Farms Cosmic Jumper cables

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Historic Pennsylvania Firehouse to Become Medical Marijuana Dispensary

A historic firehouse in Pennsylvania will soon become a medical marijuana dispensary, scheduled to open in Harrisburg on June 18 as Harvest of South Central PA. The new medicinal marijuana retailer is a part of Harvest Health and Recreation, a vertically integrated cannabis firm based in Tempe, Arizona.

The new dispensary location is the former home of the Camp Curtin Fire Station, which was judged to be obsolete by the city in 1981. The building was then placed on the National Register of Historic Places the same year. Until March, the former fire station was occupied by the Camp Curtin Bar-B-Que Station, which was in business at the site for 30 years until it was closed to make room for Harvest of South Central PA. The company secured a license to operate a medical cannabis dispensary at the location earlier this year.

Renovation Restores Historic Building

Harvest performed extensive renovations on the building to get the site ready to open as a medical marijuana dispensary. Historic elements of the structure, including the facade of the fire station and a bell tower that was in danger of collapsing, were preserved during the rehabilitation.

David Morrison, the executive director of the Historic Harrisburg Association, told local media that he was pleased that Harvest had preserved the bell tower. Although the property is a registered historic place, it does not enjoy any protections to maintain its original character.

“It looks like they’re doing a wonderful job,” Morrison said. “It’s great for the neighborhood. It lifts the neighborhood up.”

He added that a new business operating in the location is the best way to keep the building maintained and in good condition. Located in an economically depressed part of the city, the former firehouse would likely not be a desirable site for many other businesses.

Harvest Health and Recreation Permit Controversary

In April, Harvest Health and Recreation raised eyebrows among the cannabis industry and regulators when it announced that it had secured seven medical marijuana permits in Pennsylvania, allowing it to operate up to 21 dispensaries in the state. Under Department of Health regulations, a single company is prohibited from holding more than five permits allowing the operation of up to 15 retail shops. Following the announcement, the health department asked Harvest to produce records detailing information about the ownership of the permits. According to media reports, the company had created seven different firms with separate ownership groups to obtain dispensary licenses in Pennsylvania. Results of the inquiry have not yet been made public.

A health department spokeswoman said on Friday that the “matter involves an ongoing legal process. Once it is resolved we can provide more information.”

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Seth Rogen lanza compañia de Cannabis “HousePlant”

El comediante Seth Rogen y el cineasta Evan Goldberg están entrando en el negocio del cannabis recreativo, anunciando el miércoles el lanzamiento de su marca Houseplant en Canadá. La nueva compañía es una sociedad con la firma mundial de cannabis Canopy Growth y “facilitará que las personas aprendan a amar el cannabis tanto como Houseplant”, según un comunicado de prensa de la compañía.

“Houseplant es una pasión que hemos traído a la vida a través del impulso y la dedicación”, dijo Rogen, defensor del cannabis y estrella de las películas “Pineapple Express” y “Superbad”, ambas colaboraciones con Goldberg. “Cada decisión que tomamos para el negocio refleja los años de educación, la experiencia de primera mano y el respeto que tenemos por el cannabis”.

Mark Zekulin, Presidente y Co-CEO de Canopy Growth, expresó grandes esperanzas para el futuro de la nueva compañía.

“Hemos estado conociendo al equipo de Houseplant desde hace bastante tiempo y seguimos impresionados por su comprensión del consumidor de cannabis, la atención al detalle y el impulso hacia su visión”, dijo Zekulin. “No podríamos estar más emocionados de asociarnos con ellos y trabajar para lograr nuestro objetivo compartido de hacer de Houseplant una de las marcas de cannabis más grandes del mundo”.

Canopy Growth traerá su infraestructura de producción avanzada y capacidades de investigación a la asociación, apoyando la creatividad y la visión de Houseplant. Canopy Growth es un productor líder de cannabis en Canadá y tiene operaciones en 12 países de los cinco continentes. La compañía también tiene un acuerdo de mercadeo con el ícono del hip-hop Snoop Dog y recientemente anunció una nueva línea de productos de cáñamo CDB desarrollados en colaboración con la extraordinaria ama de casa y la magnate de los medios Martha Stewart.

Tres variedades en el camino

Houseplant planea lanzar tres variedades de cannabis “diseñadas para satisfacer tanto a los usuarios expertos como a los nuevos” en Canadá en los próximos meses, con la esperanza de “garantizar una compra intuitiva y una experiencia de consumo para los clientes”. La primera, Houseplant Sativa, estará disponible a partir del próximo mes. A través de minoristas provinciales regulados y en línea en Columbia Británica. Le seguirán Houseplant Hybrid y Houseplant Indica, y cada cepa tendrá su propio diseño fácilmente identificable.

La compañía ofrecerá flores secas de cannabis, cápsulas de gel suave y productos pre-laminados en todo el país y se operará en Toronto. Houseplant “se dedica a la calidad, la educación, la orientación y la elevación del cannabis para mejorar la vida de los canadienses”.

“Estamos muy orgullosos de lanzar en Canadá, nuestro hogar”, dijo Goldberg. “Después de pasar cinco años preparándome diligentemente para el lanzamiento de esta compañía, estamos emocionados de poder compartir nuestra pasión por el cannabis con los canadienses de esta manera”.

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