What’s In Your Stash? Cannabis Alchemist Warren Bobrow

Cannabis alchemist and author of many spirited books, including Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics and Apothecary Cocktails, Warren Bobrow, hails from New Jersey, where he still makes his home.

While his grandfather was one of the makers of Aqua Velva and Geritol, Bobrow started leaning toward cannabis as a teenager, which eventually led him away from the family circle.

Diagnosed with glaucoma, Bobrow turned his love for the herb into remedy in the state of New Jersey, which had just recently came on board for cannabis as medicine.

Glaucoma is progressive condition, passed down through generations, caused by a deterioration of the optic nerve, leading to high fluid pressure on the front part of the eye. The increased pressure damages the optic nerve that transmits images to the brain. While there is no cure and no warning signs early on, it’s only detected via a routine exam for glaucoma. If not managed properly it can lead to permanent blindness.

A paper published in the National Institute of Medicine’s site states that glaucoma patients who smoke cannabis have decreased intraocular pressure (IOP). This is due to the discovery of ocular cannabinoid receptors, prompting more studies on treating glaucoma with cannabis.

These findings make Bobrow’s smoking habit serious, keeping the pressure down and his spirits lifted. As he openly admits, he really likes the feeling of being high.

Interestingly enough, Bobrow doesn’t really consider himself a full-fledged patient, stating that he uses the herb mostly to de-stress. That said, distressing can also be done by taking a pharmaceutical, such as Valium, making chilling just for fun a highly debated subject.

What’s In Your Stash? Cannabis Alchemist Warren Bobrow

Courtesy of Warren Bobrow

What’s in Your Stash, Warren Bobrow?

His finely made leather stash bag is the brainchild of New York wardrobe stylist Jessica Cadmus, via her company Rogue Paq. Cadmus is a Goldman Sachs alumna, also known as the Wardrobe Whisperer, as she’s also a guest stylist for brands such as Hugo Boss, Reiss, and Alexis Bittar.

When Cadmus saw her friends and colleagues putting cannabis inside old pencil cases and plastic baggies, she jumped into action, designing attractive soft-tooled leather pouches, purposefully for the mindful partaker.

“I enjoy a plethora of flavors and effects during the day,” Warren shares. “I’m fortunate to enjoy [them] during the day, and my Rogue Paq stash [bag] is scent-suppressant and elegantly visual. I’m always proud to whip it out in social situations.”

Inside Bobrow’s Rogue Paq holds a Stonedware pocket pipe, makers of high fashion and high quality pipes created in Portland, Oregon.

Bobrow penned a piece about Stonedware’s pipes for Forbes. He praised the artist Ariel Zimman’s work stating, “The GeoPipe is that good because the person who created it is filled with abundant love and oozing with unending creativity.”

Also in his stash are Lobo and Xiaolin cannagars, both equally high-end and hand rolled, with the skill taking up to a year to master as each leaf must be carefully rolled over the next.

Fashioned after a high-end, hand-rolled fine cigar, cannagars, which can cost several hundred dollars each, go a step further and are often rolled in the leaf from the premium flower inside. They are also typically infused with hash, concentrated oils, and last up to a week or longer, depending on the partaking and how many partakers are involved.

The flower in his stash was purchased from a local New Jersey shop, Harmony Dispensary, led by self-proclaimed leading botanists using “advanced robotic controlled environment.”

A stash comes in many forms, and while his Rogue Paq sits in one pocket, in the other you’ll find a small flask filled with his latest cannabis-infused creation.

Recently featured on Viceland, the brew nestled in his breast pocket was inspired from a classic whiskey punch. Here’s how to whip it up:

Viceland Punch For Two

  • 2 oz. Cannabis (THC/CBD) decried and infused into Bourbon of your choice
  • 8 oz. Oven Caramelized Blood Orange Juice- peel- remove the bitter white pith- and split the blood oranges. Scatter some Demerara Sugar over the tops, dot with Angostura Bitters, and roast for an hour at 300 degrees, cool and juice- you’ll need a couple pounds of oranges!
  • 2 oz. Fruitations Craft Soda and Cocktail Syrup- Tangerine Flavor (just three ingredients!)
  • 2 oz. Plain Seltzer
  • Dash of Cardamom Bitters
  • Dash of Chocolate Mole’ Bitters


  • Add the juice and the Fruitations to a Boston Shaker filled 3/4 with ice
  • Cap and shake hard
  • Add to two old fashioned glasses with ice
  • Splash seltzer over the top
  • Dot with cardamom bitters
  • Dot with Chocolate mole’ bitters
  • Serve.

Warren Bobrow waxes poetic about the first time he smoked cannabis, knowing full well the herb has brought him to a place of wellness, wonder, and a newfound acceptance by his peers.

“My family used to spend time in Bermuda every summer,” he shared. “We stayed at a place with pink cottages and cerulean blue waters with massive parrot fish that splashed up against pink beaches. I made friends easily with the bartenders, who made me Pina Coladas and fruit punches – minus the rum.”

“One summer a bartender sold me outdoor grown island weed. It may or may not have gotten me high, but what it did for me was make me a cool kid, when I was really a nerd. I’m thinking it still does that for me today, but in a more high profile way,” he laughed.

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Doug Benson On Animashups: High Times TV’s Newest Cartoon Series

Whether you know him from his catalog of comedy specials, hilarious twitter feed, or weekly podcast, comedian Doug Benson deserves his spot on the Mount Rushmore of cannabis advocacy. From continuously smoking jazz cigarets for 30-days in the name of science to getting Jack Black way too stoned on his podcast, Doug always knows how to get a roomful of strangers to shed their inhibitions and melt into the moment. We caught up with Doug at SXSW to talk about his upcoming tour, his workout regimen for playing “Bane” on Lego Batman and how teaming up with High Times TV in cartoon form for Animashups was the next obvious step in his career.

High Times: Alright Doug, we’ve seen you on the big screen, we’ve seen you on stage, you’re in our ears whispering sweet nothings to us during each podcast—why should people tune in to you in animated form?

Doug Benson: The animated me has less blemishes. And he can hold his breath for an incredible amount of time, which is great for holding in bong rips.

If you could animate any event in your real life what would it be and why?

Oh, definitely the time I was at the Emerald Cup and a dude was smoking cannabis out of a leaf blower. It looked cartoonish but it was real!

Doug Benson On Animashups: High Times TV's Newest Cartoon Series

High Times TV

How did you get involved with Animashups?

Someone asked me if I’d like to see parts of my internet show Getting Doug With High animated, and I said ‘hell yes!’ I mean, who doesn’t want to be in a cartoon?

Do you prefer animation or real life?

Animation because in real life I would never get to play “Bane” in a movie, but thanks to Lego Batman I got to do just that. And I didn’t have to wear a mask on my face or work out eight hours a day like that poor slob, Tom Hardy!

Are there any similarities between you and your character on Animashups?

Yes, all of them. Except for my shape, I guess.

It seems like many of the characters on Animashups are your friends. Do you mind going into that a bit?

Yeah, my friends are guests on all of my podcasts–I have shows about cannabis, food, and movies, so it’s fitting they’re also on Animash.

Doug Benson On Animashups: High Times TV's Newest Cartoon Series

High Times TV

Do you remember the first time you saw an issue of High Times and who was on the cover?

It was a long time ago and Cheech & Chong were on the cover. I’m guessing. Feels like they’ve been on the cover a lot. I was a fan of those guys pretty early in my life, even though I didn’t understand the culture and many of their references. I didn’t start using cannabis until after I started doing stand-up, but those guys are a huge influence on me.

Concentrate, flower, or edibles. What’s your preference?

Flower, please! But I won’t say no to the others!

What have you been smoking lately?

I’ve been on a couple of cruises so stealthy stuff. Vape pens and dabs are great for not stinking up the cabins.

What’s next for Doug Benson?

Doing some shows at SXSW in Austin, TX, then touring with my stand-up and live tapings of my podcasts through the summer. Hope to see some High Times readers at my shows!

To watch more episodes of Animash, download the HIGH TIMES TV app on Roku, Apple TV, or your iPhone or Android mobile device: Roku; Apple | iPhone; Android. Or you can watch on the HIGH TIMES TV website!

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Subjects of Mass Weed Arrest Sue Over Violation of Constitutional Rights

A federal lawsuit has been filed against Georgia law enforcement officers responsible for the mass arrest of more than 60 party-goers for a single bag of weed. The legal action, entered on behalf of seven named individuals and a “class of similarly situated persons,” alleges that deputies with the Cartersville, Georgia police department and the Bartow County Sheriff’s Department violated the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights when they entered a private home without a search warrant and arrested more than 60 people enjoying a party.

“Without any reasonable or particularized suspicion to believe that any individual visitor, let alone every person at the party, possessed, had knowledge of, or exercised control over the suspected marijuana located in the private home, Cartersville police officers announced that no one was free to leave and detained and seized everyone at the party,” reads the lawsuit, which was filed with support from the Southern Center for Human Rights.

On New Year’s Eve, 2017, according to court documents and media reports, Cartersville police officers responding to a call of shots fired entered a private home where the party was being held. Once inside, police found an unattended bag containing less than one ounce of marijuana and announced that everyone was under arrest for possession of marijuana when no one claimed ownership of the pot. More officers and deputies from the sheriff’s department and the Bartow-Cartersville Drug Task Force were called to assist. The house was cleared and everyone was detained for two hours while a search warrant was obtained. During that time, the party guests were detained outside the home in freezing temperatures without access to bathroom facilities. Eventually, all of the party attendees, their hands secured with zip ties, were searched and transported to jail in sheriff’s department vans.

Cops Claim Warrant Unnecessary

The first officer to arrive at the scene, Joshua Coker, said that under department policy, the law enforcement officers did not need a warrant because they could smell marijuana outside the home.

“I had exigent circumstances to go inside and clear the residence … and make sure of no destruction of evidence prior to the Drug Task Force arriving,” said Coker, who claimed he could already smell marijuana while still inside his police cruiser with the windows up.

The lawsuit also alleges that the plaintiffs were strip-searched and mistreated by deputies while being held at the jail, some for up to three days until charges were dropped by the district attorney. The plaintiffs maintain that they were held in crowded, unheated cells, and denied required medical treatment, medications, and the use of restroom facilities.

“One person who experiences seizures informed a jail nurse of her condition but did not receive her anti-seizure medication until the third day of her detention,” the complaint reads. “A pregnant woman was denied prenatal pills and received no care when she vomited repeatedly in a holding cell garbage can.”

Those who complained about the treatment the group was subjected to by deputies at the jail were threatened with a Taser or held in isolation cells. The sheriff’s department also posted to its website mug shots of those who had been arrested, which were then published on the television news and social media, causing some to lose jobs or suffer other repercussions.

Sun Choy, an attorney representing the City of Cartersville, said that he was “comfortable in saying that we believe that any plaintiff will have to overcome some significant legal hurdles if he/she pursues a claim.”

Gerry Weber, one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs, said that his clients are still experiencing fallout from the action by police.

“Each of our clients has had their life turned into a nightmare in a lot of ways,” said Weber. “They’ve got this scar on their records that will never disappear.”

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What’s In a Name? 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains

Some people may pick a cannabis strain based on name alone. Many strain names sound random or downright comical to new consumers on the hunt for a ‘go-to’ strain. With cannabis being among the hottest trends, more and more people are becoming curious about the plant.

The confusion for these consumers, however, lies in the disconnect between cannabis culture’s long history and the recent cannabis surge. The seemingly misleading strain names are rooted in the deep values and ideals of a vintage cannabis era.

To help navigate the most flavorful strains—often the first choices for beginners—we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains and their effects.


The well-loved Italian frozen dessert is now in cannabis form. Gelato is a gourmet mix of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It has a medley of fruity, cookie, mint, and lavender flavors. This THC-packed strain is said to help with fibromyalgia, nausea, insomnia, and lack of appetite. Gelato provides a boost of energy and euphoric lift. Gelato’s potency is delightful and its delicious flavor-profile is the cherry on top.

White Cookies

White Cookies was developed by crossing White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. It smells like a blend of lemon and pine, and has a buttery cookie flavor. The strong body high it produces works well to dissolve the tension of stress, mood issues, anxiety, and nausea. Despite a high THC-content, it won’t make you jumpy. White Widow relaxes, but also sparks creativity. This just might be your new yummy go-to wake and bake strain.

What’s In a Name? 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains

Courtesy of Crop King Seeds


Swap your cup of coffee for the delectable Chocolope. Seductive cocoa and coffee notes intertwine beautifully with sweet hints of melon. This name is a portmanteau of its parents: Chocolate Thai and Cannalope. Despite its funny (but still tasty) sounding name, Chocolopes mood enhancing and energizing effects are no joke. It is effective at curbing stress, depression, and PTSD. It perks you up in ways that coffee can’t: No jitters, just a lucid and euphoric high.

Cream Caramel

If you love custard desserts, you will adore this three-way cross between Blue Black, Maple Leaf, and White Rhino. It derives its name from the taste and aroma of crème caramel. Relaxing, anti-depressant, pain-relieving, and time-warping. It is the perfect sit-and-stay strain. Cream Caramel is the ultimate dessert-y, dream-like indulgence. You will find yourself begging for another bite, or puff.


Blueberry is a true classic strain. It’s a solid relaxer with a timeless flavor. It is one of the cannabis strains that taste and smell exactly like fruit. The smooth taste melts in your mouth as deep relaxation and euphoria set in. It scores more points for its potency, long shelf life, and lasting pain-killing effects. Blueberry will melt all the stress, worries, and blues away.

What’s In a Name? 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains

Courtesy of Crop King Seeds

Strawberry Cough

It tastes and smells like juicy strawberries so much that when you close your eyes you forever melt into endless acres of strawberry fields. Strawberry Cough increases appetite and helps with a wide array of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, PTSD, and paranoia. While its flavor and aroma impress the senses, the thick smoke it produces throws even the most seasoned smokers into a coughing fit.

Candy Cane

You don’t need any festivity to light up Candy Cane. This holiday-themed hybrid has a fruity and sour flavor with mild menthol undertones. Besides its succulent taste, this strain is loved for its ability to keep your spirits high, stimulate appetite, and fight off fatigue and tension. Candy Cane is flavorful and powerful. It’s a great pick-me-up strain for those who find it difficult to make it through the day.

What’s In a Name? 10 Tastiest Sounding Cannabis Strains

Courtesy of Crop King Seeds


This strain has a distinctive smell and flavor that mirrors chewey bubblegum. Notes of berries, flowers, and cream linger on your tongue after the smoke is gone. Bubblegum gives a nice body and cerebral high. It offers relief from chronic pain, body tensions, menstrual cramps, migraines, headaches, anxiety, and nausea. It also causes a serious case of giggles—and then munchies.

Sweet Tooth

Entice your senses with a sweet berry scent accented by floral undertones and a sugary aftertaste. Sweet Tooth has an outstanding knack for stimulating the Endocannabinoid system in such a way that makes you instantly feel better. It conjures up warm and cozy feelings of being wrapped in a blanket. It works amazing for insomnia, depression, glaucoma, pain, and inflammation. Sweet Tooth lives up to its name. Even the most discerning smokers will find it enjoyable.

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit almost meets the exact flavor profile of its namesake chewing gum. Those suffering from eating disorders, nausea, stress, and depression, and muscle spasms will find benefit from the energetic and relaxing effects. This happy strain also shifts your imagination into high gear and seemingly slows down time. Juicy Fruit tastes like a fluffy cotton candy dream, and feels divine. It also alters reality so treat it like an edible.

These tastiest sounding strains truly deserve their yummy reputations. Be sure to expand your cannabis knowledge by growing the tasty cannabis seeds of your choice and grow a real treat.

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